How Does Your Subconscious Mind Work

There have been countless books written over the years about the law of attraction and the subconscious. Despite all the information tossed about, the truth of the matter is that no one really knows for sure how the subconscious mind works ñ we just know it does.When youíre first learning to drive, youíre conscious of … More

Accessing Your Spiritual Guidance

Article written by one of our contributors ❤ For the last 35 years, I have been working with individuals, couples and families, as well as business relationships. I have 8 published books on relationships and healing, some of them best-sellers. In the first half of my career, I worked as a traditional psychotherapist, and was … More

Aura: Unravel the Mystery

Are there times when you feel uncomfortable in crowded places? Are there moments when you feel as if your space is being invaded?Some people can only come so close to you. This is a reaction triggered by your aura. Itís possible that someone elseís aura is intruding upon yours. At times, you feel uneasy in … More

Astrology and Mankind

American Heritage Dictionary defines Astrology as the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs. Planetary observation is the basis of Astrology. The practice of astrology was prevalent in the ancient times as well. History of … More

A System for Self-growth and Discovery

This article is a brief description of the spiritual path that a contributor of ours is walking upon. I think for any path to be feasible there must be certain ways of increasing our understandings and realizations. In my case, I was taught how to interpret dream and meditation symbols. The key main components of … More

Angel Guide and Healing Meditation

Angels are said to be part of every human’s life. There have been many encounters with angels told in history, as many people claim. But a lot of individuals find that quite hard to believe especially if they lack spiritual awareness and faith. Did you know that today there are a great number of people … More

Out of the Matrix

The material presented herein is to be read very slowly. Most of it originates from very deep levels of Mind. Pause when you feel the need to do so when something seems a bit obscure, and meditate on it. All we easily reveal itself. It is meant to. The Universal Mind (The IS: Eternal Intelligence-Awareness) … More

The Landscape of the Soul

Through the years, we accumulate a series of experiences. Our tendency is to evaluate and simply reflect on what we have been through and what we have learned. This inward site into what we can no longer see with our eyes allows us to see through them through our soul. The landscape of the soul … More

The Law of Attraction – The Basics Part One

You might have read a lot about the Law of Attraction recently (commonly referred to as LOA in shorthand), made popular by its newest informational incarnation, The Secret. But what is it, really, and is it just so much a bunch of heresay? In fact, LOA has been around forever, as have its proponents. People … More

Meditation technique for a Beginner

In the fast and busy pace of life, we tend to lose focus on the more essential things. And because of the earthly needs that we are trying to meet, we tend to neglect the importance of internal peace. The lack of internal peace makes a person feel confused, exhausted and unfulfilled no matter how … More

Meditation for Dummies

No person would want to be called a dummy. But if you think that meditation is just a religious thing that only religious people practice, then you might be a dummy after all. Beginners can actually be called dummies because they have no idea what they’re getting into. But if you only seek the help … More

Art of Visualization and Meditation

There are many types and forms of meditation and many people are now slowly realizing the importance of meditation in their everyday life. Even medical practitioners are now accepting meditation as a way to treat certain health conditions like depression. Meditation is considered an art in itself. It takes a lot of practice to master … More

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