How Does Your Subconscious Mind Work

There have been countless books written over the years about the law of attraction and the subconscious. Despite all the information tossed about, the truth of the matter is that no one really knows for sure how the subconscious mind works ñ we just know it does.
When youíre first learning to drive, youíre conscious of everything from where the brake pedal is to when you need to turn on the signal lights. However, after a year of driving, your subconscious mind takes over.
It operates on auto-pilot and you can drive without much thought. Thatís why we have people eating and texting and doing all kinds of stuff instead of focusing on the road.
The same applies to many other tasks that we do all the time without much thought. It could be anything from using your mobile phone to even reading this article. Initially, learning the ropes would have been difficult. Once the subconscious mind takes over, itís automatic.
That brings us to our first point.

  • Storehouse of knowledge
    • Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of knowledge. It remembers everything you watch, read, hear, etc. While all input may be stored and your conscious mind forgets about it, in times of need, youíll recollect some crucial information that helps you.
      This is why itís crucial that you only consume positive, beneficial information that helps you progress in life. Feeding your mind garbage either by watching the news daily or reading tabloids will only clutter your mind.
  • Works day and night
    • The subconscious mind does not rest. Even when you sleep, it’s your conscious mind that rests. Your subconscious mind is still active and keeps your body’s processes still going.
  • Practice till it’s second nature
    • For something to become ‘second nature’ to you, what it really means is that you’ve done it so often that your subconscious mind can do it automatically. This could be anything from riding a bicycle to twirling a pen.
      The only way to reach this level of effortless skill is constant practice. It may seem ironic, but truth is that repeated practice with conscious effort is the key to unlocking your subconscious mind’s abilities.
  • The beauty of consistency
    • To bring out the best of your subconscious mind, consistency is crucial. This applies to visualization exercises, meditation, affirmations, etc.
      You MUST be consistent and do them daily. This can be considered as ‘practice’ and it’s the most potent ingredient required to make the law of attraction work.

To conclude, your subconscious mind will look out for you and help you reach your maximum potential, if you feed it the right information and beliefs. If your self-talk is positive, your life will be a reflection of your thoughts.

If your self-talk is negative, you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle of bad luck, problems and other negative events. How you think and how you act is crucial ALL the time because your subconscious mind never rests. It’s always taking notes.

So, you must be conscious of your thoughts and actions and do your best to make sure they are congruent with what you truly want in life. To simplify things, just remember that your subconscious mind works on a simple principle ñ garbage in, garbage out. So, protect your thoughts and strive to be positive in life and you’ll soon seen that nothing but the best comes your way. Your subconscious mind is unerring and will lead you to stratospheric levels of success, if you give it a chance. Ensure you do, and the life you want will be yours in time to come.