Hi there, I’m Brittany :).

I am extremely passionate about self development. I’ve tried a lot of the most acclaimed programs out there and I can definitely say that they were life changing. I full heartedly believe that whatever you think you cannot overcome, you can- with enough determination, focus, and faith. We were all born with a right to a life we deserve and I will never stop preaching that!

This blog is going to be about my journey to discovering my life’s mission and what my true passion is. I am also going to write Personal Development Program reviews, touch a lot on meditation, spirituality, and the Universe and how it all coincides with true success. I will also post some pics to give glimpses into my personal life :).

I really feel that from where I was about 3 years ago, to where I am now, that I have not only surpassed my old self, but I am now running laps around me. Because of this, I love sharing with people my experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained as well as providing the support and encouragement they need to achieve the life of their dreams.

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