Impact Posse update 6



Man, my homepage is beginning to look like AlMe is only about Impact Posse haha.

So I must confess, I missed the call on Friday… :(. I did however listen to the replay, and basically the call was Kristin taking individual callers and helping them personally with their concerns about the Posse.

There is another call this Thursday at 1pm EST where she will be doing the same thing. This is a perfect chance to ask the woman behind the madness any question you may have! I’d love to ask her about my situation…

Either way, if you are on the fence, I say just join. At this point, after you sign up, there is so much more info available now that it will make more sense. Originally when I opted in, there was only trickles of info and hints at what’s to come. Now we are getting ready for the first launch. Be a part of it!

When you read all the info, watch the vids, and listen to the calls, if you are still unsure if Impact Posse is for you, it probably is! It was a no brainer to me when I joined: no risk, no fees, no dirty underhanded sales. Only high potential. Plus, after you meet Kristin virtually, you will be able to feel her warm, honest, spirit.

Here is the link to sign up and get all your questions answered!

Join me and thousands of other female entrepreneurs looking to make a difference for women everywhere!

If you have any questions, ask away!


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