Impact Posse update 5



So what have I been up to in regards to Impact Posse?

Well, I’ve been utilizing Twitter hardcore. Personally, I feel that is the best tool to reach female entrepreneurs with this opportunity. I’ve still been trying to find my way to convey my honesty and excitement promoting the Posse, but so far so good- 5 people have signed up through me! That excites the crap outta me!!

Kristin announced that there is going to be another live call this Friday at 12 pm EST. This is gonna be kinda tricky since I’ll be in the concrete jungle, but I’m going to do my best to attend and pay attention. She’s answering questions that we may have, and I suppose if there is a way that I can type my question in, I’m going to tell her about my situation and ask her what she thinks is the best way to leverage my ‘business’ with Impact Posse.

My position (aka business) is having this blog, under 100 followers, and no product to sell (at the moment).

What do I have? Passion, excitement, dedication…

I wonder what she’ll say, but either way, here is your chance to ask Kristin herself any questions you have.

“is this a scam?”
“is this an MLM?”
“what’s the catch?”

I know a lot of people have been wondering things like this, and unless you are receiving her emails, you aren’t getting a lot of your questions answered! You can still sign up before the first product kick-off.

You know I’ll post a summary of the call 😉 so stop wondering.


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