Impact Posse update 4: after the first call


Did you make it to the call last night?

If not, check your email with the call details and just click on the tele-seminar link for the replay. Never got the details? Why not?! Just kidding, leave a comment and I’ll hook you up.

To sum up what happened in the call:

Kristin touched on her history and how she got to be where she is today. It’s a truly incredible story filled with so much inspiration. Kristin has accomplished so much that she wants to give back ten fold to all other women entrepreneurs. She explained how important leverage is to a woman’s success and how Impact Posse is just that, because the key is highly profitable revenue.

The main idea of Impact Posse is a group of female entrepreneurs that come together to choose and promote the best products out there to offer. Initially, the first product/program that we are promoting is Kristin’s very own Rock Your Biz Booty Camp. I can choose to sell Booty Camp and gain $1500 in affiliate commissions PER sale or I can help recruit other female entrepreneurs to join Impact Posse and make $1000 off each sale of Booty Camp that they do. [Aside from spending time on the internet promoting something that I believe in, what else do I have to lose?]

We did a great grounding meditation. She reminded us to BREATHE and stay grounded through everything and to be gentle on ourselves. We talked about being committed and making 100% decisions. Here is what I’m committed to:

I am saying YES and making a 100% decision to be committed to being successful with Impact Posse, making more profit, having more fun, making an impact, helping women across the world, and having things be easier. I am ready to make a quantum leap!

Kristin talked about how important it is to maintain influence over your network and to always speak with passion, conviction, and honesty, with a willingness to connect with others.

Asking ourselves “I wonder…” – “I wonder how I can reach more women.” “I wonder how I can make a bigger impact.” etc.

And of course, planning our action steps. Here are mine:

  1. Kick ass over the next 10 to 14 days promoting IMPACT POSSE!
  2. Seek out female entrepreneur bloggers
  3. Continue fostering my relationships online and promoting what Impact Posse is all about

So there you have it :). The call itself was so exciting and cool because Kristin is talking to you in real time. It really makes you present and is surprisingly easy to stay focused (I guess it was also because I am so excited about everything ImPo- new abbreviation like AlMe, you like?).

If you are a female and struggling with the every days of life (who isn’t?!) why not just try this out. Like I said, you have nothing to lose except for some time on the internet, which you are killing everyday anyway. Instead of wasting time, make some time to make some MONEY. If we can create this beautiful community of women, can you imagine what kind of impact we would have?


7 responses to “Impact Posse update 4: after the first call

  1. Here’s where I’m not clear. What are YOU promoting for yourself? I keep hearing about this from several female entrepreneurs I’m friends with. How does this help you? And is this NOT multi-level marketing? Don’t get me wrong — I’ve no doubt Kristin is amazing, and I’m not saying what she has isn’t worth money. But how does this help you down the line? Why should I even be interested?

  2. But here’s my question — WHY? I’m looking all over the internet to learn more about this “Impact Posse,” but outside of some videos there is NOTHING in writing. What is it that appeals to you about this program so much? What are you getting from it for yourself and your business? Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude in any way, but I really don’t understand the excitement over this program — it feels like an multi-level marketing scheme, and I can’t shake that impression. I have a business partner who is really interested in it, but I’m not loving it.

    • I wanted to answer both comments, since they were both kind of different. I am an entrepreneur still in the very very beginning stages. So Impact Posse for me is a way to bring in extra income by promoting a worthy product, since I do not have one. For myself, I am promoting the Posse to other female entrepreneurs who may also be interested. This is where it feels like an MLM. The only ‘level’ in this affiliate program is called ‘Tier 2’ and that is for the people who are already signed up. Any person that signs up under them and sells the product, they get a cut also because they brought them on. But that’s it. The Impact Posse isn’t revolved around getting people to join. It’s to help promote other people with great programs/products to sell. I don’t think this recruitment period is going to last forever, or at least will be more limited as soon as we start promoting. The first product will be one of Kristin’s Business Mentorship programs, but after that it could be any credible program/product. After things are off and running, Kristin also wants to ‘sponsor’ women around the world. For example, if a woman in Africa needs a loom but can’t seem to afford one, the Impact Posse members can sponsor her and buy one for her. This is what appeals to me. I must admit it sounds way different compared to anything that is done conventionally, but I really don’t have anything to lose. A lot of the written stuff comes through email and they don’t leave you hanging too long wondering what the hell is going on. Honestly Ally, I figure that with the 7 billion people on earth, most with access to the internet, I have to be able to find at least ONE person to sell this to and make an extra $1000-1500. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer them! Hope this helped! Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Hi Kathy! Have you read my other posts? I also have a pretty lengthy comment answer within the comments of this post also. I just wrote another update! I personally feel Impact Posse is going to be something huge for women and female entrepreneurs everywhere. I know initially a lot of people think Impact Posse is just something to promote Kristin, but it’s really not that. If you have any specific questions please ask and I will do my absolute best to answer!

      And Kathy, at the very least, even if you sign up and realize you don’t like it, you can opt out! There is no harm, risk, or shame in that!

  3. Would be interesting to learn how much the system costs, whether it is a one time payment or ongoing payment?

    Im only speculating that “The Booty Camp Programme” must cost be abit, as the commission earnt is huge.

    • Hi Gineen, there is going to be different methods people can pay, but yes there is definitely a payment plan. I’m not solid on the actual amounts or month breakdown, but there is payment flexibility. The program does cost a bit, and many of the members of the Posse have expressed their concerns so much that Kristin may even consider releasing a lower priced program. However, in her program not only is it personal coaching with her, but also 4 years of the business models, launch models and back end processes that have made her business millions of dollars; the best of the best personal breakthrough tools she’s used with her clients for years with tremendous success; dance parties LIVE every Friday; LIVE coaching with Kristin after each dance party. I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!

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