Impact Posse update 2


I am pumped for this call this Thursday!

Kristin just sent out the video with the RSVP details and you can just feel that this is going to be something amazing! If you are on the fence about joining, look at it this way, you have nothing to lose by signing up and all to gain if you manage to sell at least ONE of KSM’s program.

Everything about this costs NOTHING! This call costs NOTHING and every other call/training that Kristin provides for Impact Posse will also cost NOTHING! The only thing you have to provide is your name and email.

I highly suggest that even if you are THAT skeptical about the program at least watch the two vids she made about the program and see for yourself. Don’t knock it before you try it. Here is the first vid again. After you watch that, just put in your name and email address and look out for the email about the second vid for the call this Thursday.

Please give this opportunity a chance!!!


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