Impact Posse update 1


Salutations my friends :).

I just have a quick post for you guys today. I got an email over the weekend from KSM about a free call coming up this Thursday, May 9th where Kristin will dive deep into how she plans on paying out $1 million in commissions to her affiliates.

I receive emails all the time from the people I follow from the personal development field and they are always doing teleseminars and calls, but so far, I’ve never actually called in and listened. But this, this call will be the first one. I fully trust Kristin and know she has only good intentions and since I want this to work out AMAZINGLY for everyone, I will definitely be on this call.

This Thursday, May 9th at 6PM EST, if you want to know for yourself if this is legit, you may want to also be on this call. She’ll be sending out more info to RSVP but for now you can always head over to her IMPACT POSSE page and learn more.

Stay tuned!


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