Impact Posse.


So despite my other post, something potentially wonderful has been bestowed upon me.

Kristin Sweeting Morelli is one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs out there and only wants to do one thing: give back. She’s creating her own community she calls her ‘Impact Posse’ that’s all about spreading the word that it’s possible to have more profit, more impact, and more fun.

Here’s the catch: being in the Impact Posse is all about promoting Kristin. This includes her vision, which is nothing that I feel anyone would argue against, and her products, which are business programs to help your biz grow and bring in the dough, personal development, increasing your income, etc.

It’s potentially wonderful because for every person that buys the program through my affiliate link, I get $1500- for just selling one! The hard part is finding people that are looking for business model programs and have the money to purchase this program (which I am unsure of the price).

So my dilemma is, how do I sell a good product from someone that is genuine with a good reputation for success solely online and only has good intentions? How do you convey that?!

I feel like with all the billion-trillion people in the world, not to mention all the people on social media, I HAVE to be able to find at least ONE person to buy her program. Don’t you think?!

If you want to at least check out what I am promoting, you can view it here  (you can also get more info if you want to join and think you can find at least 1 person in 7 billion and make $1500- and hey, we can share ideas on how to convey this message to other people!)

Have any ideas?


3 responses to “Impact Posse.

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  2. I subscribed to her opt in and then got tired of waiting to find out what it was about and was focused on what it was about, had two webinars that were not in my time zone and still no recording, so now that I hear that it is just a fancy type of affiliate for her products, I am heading over to unsubscribe – I am sure her products are good, but if it is an affiliate, she should just say so. I thought it was about entrepreneurial women promoting each other’s programs from the way she promoted it. Disappointed! (Funnily enough, while considering unsubscribing I found this post by googling “What is impact posse”). Thanks for sharing – it has helped me out at least!

    • Hi Donna! Thank you for taking the time and commenting 🙂 Sorry to hear your experience with all this hasn’t been a pleasant one. If you haven’t, check out my other post on the call- all the info on what’s about to happen, summarized! It is an affiliate program and yes the first product is one of hers, but this is to just get things started and really get a feel for how it’s going to work. Afterwards, it could be anybody’s product that the Impact Posse really feels will help female entrepreneurs. If you don’t mind getting the info, stay opt-ed in and see if it doesn’t turn out to be something you originally thought :). Thanks for reading~!

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