Sending it out to the Universe.


This is my ‘sending it out there’ cry for help.

I’ll break it down for you. I need a new job.

In the beginning, I was extremely fortunate and grateful for my job. It was in my field, fresh out of college, small company (about 5 people)- everything I wanted and more. I was already telling myself that I loved my job within only a few days. As time went on, things were great, until the day came when my boss and the sales rep quit. That day was a blessing and a curse. On the up hand, I received more compensation since I was taking on additional duties and promoted to manager, but on the downside, I was taking on responsibilities out of my area of expertise, with only 1-2 other co-workers to manage the whole company.

Needless to say, things were stressful, but I pulled through. I learned a shit ton about the world of cosmetic manufacturing as well as trade shows, international shipping, and sales. Things slowed down for a bit and it felt like we were finally floating instead of sinking. I enjoyed my current round of co-workers and things were fun again.

Like all bad situations, history repeats itself and now the people that were once enjoyable to work with are now gone, yet I am still here with a new round and new situations.

And don’t get my wrong, I enjoy WHAT I do. I’m great at making advertisements and emails, etc, in a instant with quality work behind it. I even enjoy the craziness that lies with manufacturing. What I can no longer stand is my work ENVIRONMENT and the resentment that comes with all that is involved.

The CEO talks down to me in emails like I am some incompetent child and does not value me or the work I provide at all. The atmosphere in the office has been so tight, no one is sincerely friendly and it feels like everyone is keeping their friends close, but their enemies closer. Me- I’m just sitting in my cubicle keeping to myself and doing my work, but I CANNOT live like this. I dread coming to this place day after day with each day to greet me with some stupid bullshit.

Universe, PLEASE help me manifest a job that will meet and exceed my financial needs, be a friendly and comfortable work environment with passionate individuals, be not too far from home, and allow me to produce advertisements, emails, and other graphics. I want this or BETTER! You have given me wonderful talents and gifts, please show me how you would have me use them!

A bonus would be if I could work for a company that will grant me with fulfilling work, like the Zoo or something environmentally friendly, but right now, I’ll take what I can get just to gain some sanity and mental health back. It will refresh me and rejuvenate my life and sense of excitement in something new.

If anyone is actually reading this, do me a solid and send me some good vibes. I could really use the good intentions and thoughts from you and plus, it would just make me feel overall better.

Meditate for me. (Pray for me).


2 responses to “Sending it out to the Universe.

    • Thanks so much Rebecca! It’s very comforting :). I checked out the article and I definitely plan on incorporating some of those tips into my life. Thanks for reading :D!!

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