What I’ve been up too

pandaHi Guys :).

I’ve missed you. I think about you everyday. I haven’t forgot about you.

I haven’t been around writing weekly like I usually do and I have a good reason why.

Not too long ago, I was full on, heavy, pushing to find my niche within the personal development field (still a goal of mine!). Each attempt, thought, or idea that I had towards starting my own business didn’t seem like it would pan out and feelings of hopelessness and discouragement easily sank in.

It was getting to be pretty frustrating wondering when I would find what I’m meant to do. Every single day, every single moment “could this be it? or this?”

So instead of driving myself crazy each time I went to do anything, I decided I would achieve something I never thought I’d be able to do and that is have the body I’ve always wanted- muscular, but still feminine and toned. This is something that I know with constant hard work and focus, I will achieve. There is no secret of finding the holy grail to a healthy and fit body, just eating right, working hard, consistency and never giving up. Though this was a something I felt I’d never be able to do, I know this is a goal I can reach for and obtain.

For some reason I feel that in order for me to find what I am meant to do, I first need to prove to myself that I can achieve a goal that I’ve desired for so long, something I (at one point) felt to be impossible.

Right now, finding what I am meant to do feels more impossible than getting a 6-pack. I think getting said 6-pack (which still seems a bit impossible) will be that kick in my ass saying “Look I’m here! I made it! Here’s the body I’ve always wanted! You can do it, see?! Now go find what you are meant to do, anything is possible!!”

So the reason why I haven’t on here writing is because my goals and focus are in other areas of my life that I will stop at nothing to accomplish. I hope that when I achieve this goal I will have a lesson that I learned through this experience and can write you an amazing piece.

I’m not disappearing! I’m right here!

Like I said before, follow me on instagram (@pcakehaiii) to see pics throughout my journey 🙂

Operating@Alpha~ always!



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