Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve written, yeah?

I feel like I am talking with a dear friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. I really missed writing on here.

I haven’t been missing in action for any particular reason. I’ve really been focusing on exercise, eating clean, and having a meal every 3 hours. I’ve also seen a nutritionist and bought a bunch of different foods based off her suggestions. I am really serious about this transformation!

To be honest… lately I’ve been feeling unmotivated. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it has to do with the fact that everyday I’ve been waking up and doing the same damn thing (work, gym, make dinner, bed). I know routine is important to make lasting changes and developing new habits, and trust me, I am enforcing this with my fitness goal, but I think what’s killing me is ‘work’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for my job and the freedoms it does bring to me. What I am saying is that I can feel the breaking point. Deep inside of me there is this feeling of uneasiness. Almost like a pit in the middle of my being that is solidifying. Going from flowing energy, to a stagnant solid form. I hope you can imagine what I am saying.

Regardless, my inner being feels stuck, bored even. Like it has no true direction and isn’t progressing forward. Like what I am doing is not enough to make it feel fulfilled. Somehow, I already know this.

I have goals to achieve: move to Wyoming, work my way to a toned and fit body… but maybe these aren’t enough of ‘direction. What else? Well, I know that I want to be influential in the personal development field and that I want to help people achieve their dreams. How do I start this? I guess I kind of already did with AlMe and I definitely won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Each moment I am living in the Now, and each time I try to just enjoy the Now, it never feels 100%.

Perhaps this is just a hardcore lesson for me to learn of enjoying ‘what is’. Perhaps this is what needs to happen before I can find my way of giving back.

Sorry if I got all emo on you!

It’s really a crazy thing when these emotions come over me. I catch myself just sitting and thinking, for who knows how long.

I wanted to also let you know that I’ve been actively reading “May Cause Miracles” by Gabby Bernstein. I’m on day 10 and so far have really been enjoying the content and exercises. It’s so easy to complete each day in this book and I love how well it fits into my schedule.

I wake up, go to the bathroom, then read my next day. Sometimes, it’s barely even a page- I love that! Concise words of wisdom to help guide you through your day. Who knows, maybe what I am feeling is part of this guidebook.

We all have these downer days and it’s important to remember that ‘this too shall pass’. If we are on an honest journey to bettering ourselves, the planet we live on, and the people around us, this too shall pass. The world needs the special gift that is uniquely given to each one of us. We must persevere until we find it. Don’t give up AlMe-ers!

I won’t if you won’t!


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