End of an era.

mayan-end-of-the-worldThe end of the year 2012 is upon us.

This doesn’t mean the world is going to explode. Instead it means the end of an era. This phase in the Mayan Calendar is coming to a close and a new, powerful, uniting phase is about to begin. (I’m not the only one who feels this way, check out Marie Forleo’s interview with astrologer Ophi from Astrostyle.com)

I fully believe that this is what 2013 will bring us. I feel that all through out 2012, people were becoming more conscious and aware of not only themselves, but the world and nature around us. People have been coming together more in ways of community, joining resources, and sustainability. Thought inspired companies have been forming, entrepreneurs with enlightened ideas have emerged, and communities of people have developed to bring peace, love to our neighborhoods. Despite the horrific events that happened in between, people overcame each one and grew stronger as a community. A lot is taking place on this planet and we need to really prioritize what is important to us in our life time.

We all probably set some resolutions in January. How many of them we met and actually kept is another story. Here is my solution to you for setting your resolutions for 2013 AND KEEPING THEM. Instead of focusing on what you want, like ‘eating healthier’, ‘losing weight’, ‘get a better job’, think about how you want to feel. After all, isn’t it really a feeling we are after when we want to achieve those things? More energized, happy, fulfilled, sexy, loved, accepted. 

Here are my 2013 resolutions:

  • feel more abundant
  • feel more love
  • feel more connected
  • feel more community
  • be fulfilled
  • be creative
  • be energized

Obtaining these feelings comes with a deep awareness for what is going on inside and outside of you. To get started, think of a time you felt the way you want to feel. For example, since I want to be more energized, I can think back on how I felt during my honeymoon (check the pics hereherehere, and here). I felt full of life and energy because I was out in nature everyday- a place that always fills me with life, vitality, and peace.

Maybe it’s different for you. Maybe you felt alive the last time you played in a basketball game. Or maybe when you caught that huge fish. Whatever the case may be, recall a time that you felt that certain way, really feel it throughout your entire being, and make a reference point. You want to be able to tap into this feeling on a consistent basis to really have it manifest in your life.

Feeling your way into the life you want is key into really making it happen. Meditation amplifies it and moves it along even faster, but feeling is where it all begins.

I hope that you are as excited as I am for the new year and can really feel the quantum shift that is about to take place. So far everyone that I’ve heard from that practices meditation, energy light work, and maintaining awareness are all onboard with this feeling. 2013 is definitely the time that we all come together and really start doing the greater good for ourselves, our community, and our planet. There is more than enough evidence in our society that proves we need to do this or things will only spiral downward.

Keep a look out for my next post on 12/21 which will include a numerology chart that’ll tell you your 2013 theme. Mine is looking stellar!


P.S. This double post of the week is to make up for the week I missed. I must say though, posting twice in one week again is making me feel uplifted and fulfilled. What a way to end a post!

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