Your’s, Mine, Everyone’s Life Purpose!

Yesterday, I learned about what my life purpose is… turns out, it’s yours too ;).

Every human being’s purpose in life is this: connect with our highest self. That is to say, we must connect with ourselves deeply and fully accept ourselves to let in true feelings of happiness, love, peace, joy, confidence, success, trust etc.

When we accept ourselves completely, we realize that we are in control of our feelings and how we respond to our lives around us. We know that whatever life throws at us we can handle and no outside source will disrupt our inner peace.

Now I know this isn’t or doesn’t sound like a cake walk.

Many of us have had beliefs taught to us in our upbringing that end up becoming engrained in our subconscious mind so deep, that sometimes it seems futile to unlearn them. Most times, these beliefs don’t even surface until much later in our life and because we’ve been living with them and by them, it almost seems scary to think a different way.

That’s why in this moment, we can realize our true purpose, and begin working towards it. Right now, we can begin reversing and unlearning beliefs that are only holding us back.

And heres how.

It’s so easy to get to connect with our higher self. All you need to do is meditate.

The hardest part is keeping up with it on a daily basis and realizing it won’t happen overnight. But that’s another lesson we need to remember: life is all about the journey and the adventure!

The man in the video is Brian Johnson and after watching it, I realize that this whole time that I’ve been begging for my life purpose, it was right here in front of me. We need to start with ourselves before we can receive anything else.

I read this great article on Finerminds that segues perfectly with today’s topic. It illustrates that many of us are living in a world where we want to Have-Do-Be.

For example, we think to ourselves: If I had this (x), then I’d be able to do that (y) and I would finally be (z).

Lets say “x” represents anything from money, time, skills and influence. We’ll have “y” represent the things you’d love to do – like pursuing your passion, traveling, starting your own business, or completing an old project. And we’ll say that “z” represents the outcome you are after, being happy, living a joyful, fulfilled and powerful life.

However, the order Have – Do – Be is actually backwards, because the source of contentment is not dependent on having or doing anything. Joy is a state of being, which stems from a state of mind.

What determines the quality of your life is the quality of your thoughts. Good thinking, good living. Poor thinking, poor living.

Instead we need to be living as Be-Do-Have, which means living as we wish to be will allow us to do all the things we want and have everything we dream of.

So as you go about your day, whether you are fulfilling you life mission or not, just remember your purpose here is to connect with your highest self. Doing that will allow you to unlock all the emotions and feelings you need to be the person you envision yourself to be. When you become that person, all that you want to do and have will fall in place.


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