Lesson learned – My Giving Thanks

As you know, I’ve been struggling in the search for my life purpose.

I’ve actually been so upset by this I almost cried about it last night :(. But then it hit me today: the reason why I haven’t been getting anywhere in all my efforts is because I haven’t been accepting what is. Instead, I’ve been upset, bummed out, and a little angry and emotional about what isn’t happening.

Finding my life’s purpose has been my number one priority as of late and what I am coming to understand now is that perhaps it just still isn’t my time. Honestly, right now where I am at is a good place.

I am very thankful for:

  • My life – I am healthy and strong, with a good head on my shoulders that allows me to push farther and farther through my capabilities.
  • My Husband – I absolutely love him and am so thankful that I get to experience this magnitude of love and adoration for someone whom I wholeheartedly care about.
  • My Family and Friends – I use to take them for granted in the sense that I would let minor trivialities stand in the way of a loving, supportive relationship. I now realize that no matter what happens, these people love and care about my honest well being and I will return that love ten fold.
  • My job – Though I write about finding my true passion on here, I am truly thankful for my job. Not only do I receive a paycheck that helps me live, but I also have great co-workers in a very relaxed environment. I need to remind myself that this is the type of job I was looking for when I was in college.
  • My pets – With my recent loss of Pony earlier this year, I realize that in a moment, the things we hold close to us can be taken away.
  • A place to live – I am super thankful and grateful for my living situation right now. Because of it, I am paying off a lot of my debt.
  • This planet – Mother Nature is something we should all give thanks to and take better care of, because without this planet we live on, we would be nothing.
  • My relationship with the Universe – It’s awe-striking when I communicate with the Universe and it responds. Really makes me feel like Neo from the Matrix. “Whoa.”

This list is also in no particular order. To be honest, it’s hard to put them in any order because they all mean so much to me. There are other things I am grateful for like my car, my new cell phone, and the capabilities to buy things for myself (which is something we should all be proud of), but there is no need to delve in to material goods.

So instead of focusing on what isn’t, I am going to focus on what I do have. I know that I am very lucky and in a position that hundreds of people wish they were in. No more complaints here. I am going to bask in the light that I have now and not wish a second were different.

My time will come when it gets here. Why be in a rush when we know that we will get it? In the GRAND scheme of things, I know that I will be successful and find what I am meant to do in my lifetime. But right now to get closer to that, in addition to gratitude, I need to learn this important lesson of patience[with letting time pass as it should and receiving my passion and success at the appropriate time], acceptance[of what is and not being emotional towards it], and trust[that the Universe conspires in my favor and when my time is right, I will learn my purpose and cultivate my passion].

Take the time to write down/type what you are thankful for. Not only is gratitude extremely humbling, but it’s something the Universe hears and rewards.

Always giving thanks,

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