Preparing to receive your life’s purpose

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Buddha

This past week my life was focused a lot on finding your life’s purpose.

I am beginning to experience that when we are ready to accept the responsibility and force of our life purpose, our teacher, our path, our light will appear.

When I first began learning about how every human being has a life purpose, whether we all fulfill them or not, I sat back and evaluated my life and couldn’t see any part of my current existence containing anything that could be my life purpose.

So how can one prepare themselves to have their teacher/path/etc. appear?

3 Steps to take to finding your life purpose

  1. Before we can accept the gift of our purpose, there needs to be a lot of inner exploration so that we can deeply know and understand ourselves first. Our likes and dislikes, what are strengths are and what we excel in. We need to clear out any subconscious blocks we may be holding on to and love and accept ourselves FULLY. Healing needs to start within before it can go out.
  2. Then, we need to open ourselves to the possibility that any next thing could be our purpose. Without knowing what our purpose is, we need to be receptive to EVERY idea out there, that each idea, hobby, job opportunity, whatever has the potential. When we aren’t sure of what makes us feel alive, we need to start doing new things. Have the open mind to receive whatever it could be.
  3. Finally, don’t psyche yourself out starting a new venture of a possibility. Remain nonjudgemental starting out and really give it your best. It is much better to realize you don’t like something (while giving it your all) and stop doing it immediately, than prolonging it and wasting time. Go and find something new.

After this, when you find it, you need to find a way to link your passion to giving back to the Earth and the Universe for this amazing gift. We are all special and unique with talents that no one else has. To not give back would be selfish. It’s like saying you know the cure to cancer, but won’t tell anyone.

Too many of us live ho-hum lives and work the daily grind everyday just to get by. This is why so many people think that they aren’t special and have nothing to give back. If you did the same things everyday that you were moderately skilled at, of course you wouldn’t think you were GREAT at anything! Other things like  subconscious blocks and not loving oneself fully contributes to this ability to stay stuck in the everyday routine, with no motivation to move.

When we consciously are capable to make the decision that we want to find and live our true purpose; feel more alive and fulfilled; live a life filled with passion, that begins our search. Once that switch is activated, we can either realize something we already love doing is our passion, or that we still need to discover it. It needs to be RECOGNIZED that every person on this planet has the ability to do something AMAZING with themselves, and as soon we believe that in our entire being, we can begin to be it, love it, and give back with it.


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