Need an answer? Ask your Spirit Guides!

I have to say that I LOVE when the Universe talks to me.

I was contemplating signing up for Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1K on the side program. (Read about this new program here.)

Ramit delivers wonderful business advice and this program is about identifying your skills and strengths and matching it with a freelance job. Then he helps you find your target market, niche it down, and find the best way to deliver your value to that client base. The program goes much deeper than that, but from that you can tell that it offers a wealth of knowledge.

Ramit knows his worth and knows what his programs are worth. Of course I wanted to obtain this knowledge, but is paying the price for it (a VERY pretty penny) worth it to me right now? I want to pay off my debt and start saving, so deciding on if I should sign up and pay for this program was definitely something I needed to ask my spirit guides about.

This is what I did:

I went into my meditation level and I said: “Higher Self, Spirit guides, if I am supposed to sign up for Earn 1K on the side, show me a red fox before enrollment is over tomorrow.”

After that, I let it be. I didn’t think about it after that. If I caught myself worrying or wondering too much about it, I just reminded myself that the Universe knows what’s best for me, and if I am supposed to be in that program this time around, then I will see a red fox.

Sure enough, later that day I saw a red fox. It was just a picture online, but it was a frickin red fox. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it. When the Universe responds, the feeling is so surreal. Something, beyond our physical comprehension, responding to our thoughts, our vibrations that we send out into the Universe. It’s kinda spooky, but soo much cooler.

Here are 3 tips to remember when asking your spirit guides for help:

  1. Think about what you are asking them for before you ask them. It is important to have a clear request in mind of what you really want
  2. Make sure to address them before you ask for what you want
  3. Phrase it as “… if I am supposed to (blank) then show me (blank), or I will see (blank), or talk to (blank)”

If what you are asking for is something you really want and you aren’t getting your answer, you can do one of two things or both even:

  • sit back and have faith that the Universe knows what’s best for you – maybe you aren’t meant to have/do this right now
  • ask your spirit guides again – just in case you missed your signal

The same goes for this as it does for manifesting you have to BELIEVE in the Universe, that it hears you and wants only the best for you. Try it for yourself and see how the Universe responds to you 🙂


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