Discover You Now Review Update

Back in the end of June, I had set up a goal and milestones that I wanted to achieve with this blog, that sparked from the Discover You Now Program.

Just as a recap here they are again:

Main goal: Acquire 20 subscribers in 2 months

Realistic milestones to help achieve the main goal:

  • post actively on positivity blogs 3 times/ week
  • increase ‘ready-and-waiting’ posts on other programs I’ve done
  • feature content from other blogs to provide back linking

My goal was to be reached by September. I was a bit worried since I had gotten married in July and went on a 3-week honeymoon in August. I was worried that since I was going to so preoccupied, I wasn’t going to make my goal.

Needless to say, I still made it.

Originally I had thought that my goal was set up for this blog. But truthfully, I only have 10 subscribers. However, on AlMe’s Facebook, which frequently sends people here, there are over 10 people that ‘like’ it. This is still reaching my goal.

Though they are not direct subscribers to this site, they are still signed-up to see when I update and when I comment on other positivity blogs/articles (which is like a bonus because it links to awesome articles with entertaining and insightful information).

So because I followed through with my milestones, I was able to achieve my goal. Aside from when I was on my honeymoon, I never missed a beat posting comments on articles and blogs that really resonated with me. I still have numerous posts that are ‘ready-and-waiting’ to be finalized and posted, and I have featured content from a lot of sources that inspire me.

I am so happy to say that not only did the program help me learn new things about myself, but it also taught me new techniques and how to set achievable goals.

When I had first come to realize that I did in fact meet my goal, I was a little in shock, but mainly ecstatic. It’s so cool when you accomplish something that you really want.

I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: I encourage anyone that is seeking more life fulfillment to check out Discover You NowThe proof is in the pudding and I am savoring every part :).


2 responses to “Discover You Now Review Update

  1. you do have a day job? may be because i do not whats your passion for life.. i am reading and feeling a bit unclear …

  2. Hi Maryann, I currently do have a day job. It helps pay the bills until I find my path in this life. I’m still searching for what my passion is and how I will be able to give back with it. Everyday is a new day to try something new and figure it out 🙂

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