Avoid Future Tripping in 3 easy ways

If you are someone that knows me, you know that tripping is fun 😉 (and hey, these people know it too http://bit.ly/JpZwui)

However, future tripping is completely the opposite. Every so often it is fun to just sit and day dream about the future,  but when you begin to obsess over the future, of ‘what isn’t here’, ‘when it will get here’, and ‘god, I wish I was there already’- this is future tripping and this is a big no no.

This is an example of resisting the present moment, the Now. Resisting the Now is setting you up for many windfalls down the wrong road. Pretending like it isn’t happening, ignoring your current situation, or like most people, just hating every second and complaining about it, is definitely NOT going to get you to where you wish you were.

But what do you do if you’re in a situation you don’t like? How do you change your situation that just doesn’t feel good and you wish you were somewhere else? Well there are a few things one can do:

  • Tip 1: Remove yourself completely from the situation. Why bother being somewhere you absolutely are not liking? Even if it’s as simple as stepping outside to get fresh air, this minor change of scenery can give you the refreshing feeling you need.
  • Tip 2: Change it. Perhaps you don’t like the conversation that’s going on, change it, or remove yourself like Tip 1. If there is something, anything, that you can do to change the circumstance of the situation and give yourself control again (instead of falling victim to the moment) DO IT.
  • Tip 3: Completely and fully accept it. Look it’s happening now, it might be shitty, but you can try to make the best of it, or just accept ‘this is my present moment, I fully accept it’. Fully accepting the present moment is very important. Resisting something that is, you add energy to it by thinking about how much you don’t like it or wish it would be over already. This is where the phrase “…history repeats itself…” really comes into play. When you continuously keep recreating this bad experience in your mind, or hashing over how much you hate what is going on, and pretty soon it’s all you can think about, you will certainly attract that-which-you-don’t-want into your life, or just make the next couple hours of your life miserable.

These few tips will help make any uncomfortable situation a little bit better. Forget if you feel rude by removing yourself, just politely excuse yourself. But either way, just as it is important to be thankful for the current moment, you ALWAYS have a choice. Just ask yourself ‘what do I choose in this moment?’.

The Universe throws us these circumstances as hurdles for us to jump and get stronger. If we can’t pass the first hurdle, then certainly we will be seeing more of the same situation until we can prove that we can handle it.

Ignoring the Now and only thinking of the future is like saying where you are right now just isn’t good enough. But you can never get ‘there’ without being ‘here’. After all, ‘there’ really doesn’t exist, because whence you are ‘there’, you are ‘here’.

When you begin to obsess and drone over the future, you forget that the most precious, unique, moments don’t come from the future. They happen right NowEvery moment is a new and brilliantly unique moment because it’s never happened before. EVER. 


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