Honeymoon Final Post!

Green Giant *hummm*

Well here is the last post to my extraordinary-adventurous- wonderful-amazing honeymoon. I hope you had a fun time looking at them as I did reminiscing on the entire thing.

This post is going to be Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase, and the Randoms, like the Green Giant (in Minnesota, driving by and couldn’t miss this huge statue.)

The Grand Canyon was breathtaking. It is so vast, it’s almost incomprehensible. What was crazy to me, is that you could be like driving along this road, then next thing you know, the ground dips off into a huge gorge. There is no sign anywhere that, hey, there’s a huge effin gorge over there!

Yeah, omg. Saw that sucker around the parking lot.

I have to say, that on our hike down the canyon, I had to throw the towel in early. We were planning on doing this 7 mile round trip dealy to a dripping spring (which we heard isn’t really a spring, but more like sitting water with the slowest drop ever that you would rather try your luck than wait for this drip to fill your bottle).

Anywho, on the way down, about a mile into the canyon, my knee started hurting tremendously. I believe it was from all the slanted rocks you trek over on the way down, plus all the downward, braking motion, because one false move, and you are off a canyon. So I wised up and told Brandon that I didn’t think I could realistically go on. Sure enough, we turned around and made our way back up.

You have to be able to make decisions like that, because there are signs everywhere that tell you that Grand Canyon is not responsible for your rescue, nor is it guaranteed.

The trek back up was pretty difficult. I was completely unable to bend my leg without excruciating pain. We each had taken only one hiking pole, but by the time all this happened, I was using both like crutches/ski poles. Even after we were done and back on flat surface, I seriously could not walk normal. The pain continued, and I just dubbed this physical state I was in as being a ‘winnie’. I don’t know why I chose that word, but even when my feet were all blistered up from Heart Lake, I felt ‘winnie’ was a great way to describe how I felt haha.

Some of those pics are a little dark, because there was a storm coming. I believe this also had a lot to do with my knee hurting so bad, so much pressure in the air. But either way, I wasn’t going to let my ‘winnie-ness’ interfere with the Grand Staircase.

Boys gotta climb

it looks like it’s melting!

Needless to say it was amazing and cool to know that we were walking in a canal that once carved this whole area. Super cool, definitely one of the best things we did this entire trip. Just seeing all these pics again is really making me feel… home sick! and I don’t even live there!

This last bunch are just random shots of things. You’ll see.

so many steer

tee hee it was mean muggin haha

So that’s it! That was the honeymoon adventure. I hope you enjoyed checking out my photos! I can’t wait till I live out there and it becomes my everyday, but until then, these photos are great motivators!

Stay tuned for the regularly scheduled posting here on AlMe that will resume next week!


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