Honeymoon summary pt 3

Next stop on our grand adventure was to the furthest point of the trip and that was Cali.

The ultimate attraction for us even stopping in Cali was to see (the BEST BAND EVER) Sound Tribe Sector 9 aka STS9. This band has been a huge part of my relationship with Brandon. Their music has brought us together in ways we can’t even imagine music doing, especially non-lyrical ones! (all their songs are instrumental, minus some clips). They were doing an acoustic performance at the Saratoga winery, and needless to say, we had to be there. We’ve made it to just about every acoustic performance they’ve done, each one being unique and stellar in their own ways.

We wanted to have STS9 physically play at our wedding, but since we knew that wasn’t going to happen, we decided to have them be a part of our honeymoon, and what better way, than with an intimate, pseudo-romantic, acoustic performance.

From our seats!

I don’t ever take very many pics at Sound Tribe shows. I love fully enjoying myself and the music in the moment, because who knows when I will get to see them again. It was a phenomenal show, definitely one of the best acoustic performances yet. If you haven’t heard of them, (which you probably haven’t because most people don’t know who they are) they are considered to be like an electronic jam band. All 5 members play instruments, but in some songs, they use computers, which gives them the ‘electronic’ in the description. However, all their songs provide a different sound and so you really can’t describe them. Luckily, I will get to see them again sooner rather than later 🙂

After the show, we had the next day to see the Giant Redwoods and Big Sur. We honestly wished we spent our time somewhere else. The Giant Redwoods were awesome and a marvel to see in person, and the Big Sur was, well…’meh’- considering the fact that I saw ZERO sea lions (only could hear them at one point) and there weren’t any hiking trails down to the ocean.

I’m inside of a tree!

Fallen tree

Standing on the fallen tree

Tree hugger 😉

The Redwoods were cool. I love trees, so seeing these suckers in such magnitude, was pretty awesome, plus knowing that they are like 2000 years old or more.

Soon after we saw the trees here, we left on our way to the Big Sur. I had BIG hopes of seeing Sea Lion as far as the eye can see, but alas saw none. There was only one look out point where I could hear them barking below us, but still no visual evidence. Phantom sea lions.

This is the spot we heard the phantom sea lions

Coolest thing we saw in the 90 miles of coast we drove.

Close up of the waterfall on the beach

Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, we were just under the impression it was going to be a whole lot more.

I am going to group the photos from the Grand Canyon and the Grand Staircase, plus ones I labeled as random to create the final honeymoon post. I think it’s turned out pretty good posting in chunks by state, don’t you agree?


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