Honeymoon summary pt 2

This entry will mainly be about my favorite place that we visited: Yellowstone.

All nature is beautiful to me, but nothing settles my soul like seeing a vast amount of trees and mountains. It’s so serene and peaceful. Luckily for me, Yellowstone offers that plus so much more. We spent 4 days there and that was definitely not enough time. Still, the thought of being there and longing to go back definitely crosses my mind at least once a day.

I love seeing how connected life is and how everything works in sync with each other. This order of life and ecosystem are definitely things I want to surround myself with. This is where I want to be.

The first day we got there, we stopped at the Madison Visitor’s center and met one of the park rangers there, Scott. As we were getting trail info from one of the other rangers, Scott offered us the chance to go on an overnight backpacking trail to Heart Lake with him (on his day off) the next day, stay over night, and hike out the day after. We were totally on board, so we made plans to meet him later and get all his info. So for the rest of the day, we went to sight-see all the geysers and hot springs.

It’s pretty crazy and a little eerie how clear and deep the hot springs are. Definitely not for swimming, as the pools are scalding hot at crazy boiling temperatures. Also, they are full of sulphur. The last couple pics that look like ice, are not ice. It’s like a calcium deposit idea, similar to how caverns are formed. The dead trees looked they were scorched from a fire, but I believe that instead of a fire, it’s more like hot sulphur liquid that burned them from the inside out. These hot springs are all over the park, not just at the stops tourists are allowed to stop it. We got to see other ones when we hiked to Heart Lake.

7.4 miles just to the lake, not round trip!

Brandon with his ruck, probably 50 lbs

Us at the top of the mountain with Heart Lake in the distance

The other mountain (behind us) we were thinking of hiking, whence we got to the lake

Hot spring on the way to the lake

Heart Lake

Us with Ranger Scott

Corral by the lake

You couldn’t even tell that my feet were bleeding and I was dying from carrying a 40 lb ruck

I still finished it, though!

The next day with Ranger Scott in uniform

We ended up not camping overnight, though. We hiked in, sat by the lake and took a nap, and hiked back out after. We thought it was going to take a lot longer to hike in, but when we realized it was only like 3.5 hours, we decided that if we hiked out on the same day, we could give ourselves that much more time in Yellowstone. Ranger Scott ended up hiking up that other mountain, that we were thinking about doing, but with our bags and my feet dying, we decided to rest and hike out. But yeah, got some pretty gnarly blisters (that in the end ripped completely off) that hurt like a mother in the shower. Overall though, it was an awesome accomplishment.

I was pretty much out of hiking commission the next few days (I was not going to wear anything else but flip flops), so we did a lot of drive-touring.

A naturally formed fence haha

We mainly stayed at the west entrance of Yellowstone in this really cute town appropriately called, West Yellowstone. I remembered to take pics of the town after it was already too late. Alas, the only pictures I have of this town are some sick clay art and super cute happy bears.

It isn’t painted, all clay molding! whattttt

Giving him 5

The happiest bears in the world

So delighted

Luckily, by the time our last full day had come, I was capable of super bandaging my feet and squeezing them into my vibrams for one final day hike. We did this cute 5 mile round trip around what’s called Beaver Pond. I was crossing my fingers that I would see a beaver and not give up midway through because of my feet.

Before we head off, Brandon with the compass


On the other side of the dam

Didn’t get too many shots on this hike, but I will say this: I SAW A MOTHER EFFIN’ BEAVER!!! It was the best day ever. He went as quickly as he came, but I got to see this beaver pop his head above water, swim a little with some grass in his mouth, then disappear under water again. I didn’t think he was gonna stick around long, so I’m glad I didn’t waste time getting the camera out and miss more of his cute beaver face.

This essentially was the last thing we did in Yellowstone. So the only thing that is left are the pics we got of the animals we saw (minus le beaver).

The elk were loving the cut grass in Mammoth

Doing a little downward dog


I saw so many bison by themselves 😦

He was right outside of the car

Stopping all kinds of traffic haha


Bison, as far as the eye can see!

Oh shit, a coyote!

We were lucky enough to see another coyote when we were in the Grand Tetons, but didn’t get a pic of that one… he was orange like a fox too. We only got to spend a day in the Grand Tetons and could barely see the mountains cause of the haze from forest fires.

After this we headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which I have ZERO pictures of. Probably one of the biggest FAILS. We absolutely fell in love with this town. Our ultimate dream is to open up a restaurant and we found this one piece of property for sale that would suit our dream perfectly. The town was everything and more that we want in a small town. Living on the east coast has come to it’s end for us and we are ready to move on and experience life somewhere new.

With that said, we are giving ourselves 2 years to save up as much money as we can to make our dreams come true 🙂 Every other thought that I have is about Yellowstone and Jackson, and I can feel the longing I have inside me for wanting to be there. I’ve already begun planning out the next 2 years, so far just financially, so as time goes on I will be able to see where I should be at and not lost sight of the goal.

I knew this trip was going to wonderful, but I could never have imagined it would create so much emotion and drive inside me to want to completely change my surroundings in just a few years.

There is still more to come!


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