Honeymoon summary with pictures pt 1!

It feels good to be back!

The one thing I missed the most while on my trip, besides my pets, was updating here at Alpha Meditate. As soon as I realized how much of a pain it was going to be trying to post on my old iPhone with limited service and wifi, I knew my return post was going to be a hard one. That’s not to say that I wasn’t going to post at all, but more the task of uploading all the pics at once and posting a grand daddy entry of everything I did while I was away (it’ll probably get split up into multiple posts).

But nonetheless, here it is :). I am very excited to share my adventurous honeymoon as well as the new plans that I have for the future. I knew going on this trip was going to produce something that was going to propel my life forward in a new exciting direction, and it sure did! (I hinted at it in a post I managed to get in while I had some service).

8/15 & 16 – Badlands

Doing a little exploring before the sun goes down on 8/15

We arrived in South Dakota and briefly visited the Badlands to get a feel for the park and plan our hikes for the next day. It was beautiful seeing the land, even just in the parking lot.

We arrived the next day ready to do 2 hikes- an easy 2 mile (rt) and an 8 mile (rt). We basically did them one after the one since the easy one was leisurely. However, when we went to do the second one, it was basically high noon and the sun was all up in our faces.

Brandon all geared up!

Wildlife in the Badlands!

Us 🙂

8/17 – Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse

Mt. Rushmore wasn’t all that exciting. You could see the entire monument before you even entered the parking lot. Even when we entered, the monument still looked the same, but hey, it’s for the experience right? Crazy Horse was an awesome monument that I feel many people miss the idea of. When you enter, there is this little 20 min film you watch to learn all about the monument. To sum it up, the Native Americans wanted one of their great heroes to be remembered as they too had brave, intelligent leaders. The Crazy Horse project has rejected any and all government funding because they feel it takes away from the monuments original purpose of the Native Americans. This project is totally funded through donations and admission fees. The monument is pretty far from completion, which makes getting pics a little hard- especially considering how far away (when it’s done it’s going to be the size of 60 Mt. Rushmore’s) it is from all viewpoints, but regardless, I highly recommend a visit to this place.

Crazy Horse off in the distance. Only his face is done!

Us at the Rush

Random South Dakota adventures – Sculpture Park, Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Prairie Dog field

I love those tourist attractions that you see while you are on the highway. They usually are always a great time (except the Corn Palace which was a huge let down). Sculpture Park is this field off the highway, that you can’t miss because he has like a 50 foot sculpture of a cow head just plopped there, full of all these crazy things this guy makes from welding metals together.

Sculpture Park

Us with the sculptor himself

The large cow head that cannot be missed from the highway

The Corn Palace like I said was a pretty huge let down. All the signs that lead you up to it say things like “World’s only Corn Palace!” “The Corn Palace that is made completely out of corn!”- how could you not stop at a place that is made entirely out of corn- especially a PALACE?! Well as soon as we got there, we instantly noticed it was not made entirely out of corn. We enter, and it’s basically a high school-like gym/auditorium with some garnishes that are made from some corn, but aside from that, this palace is made out of typical things like tile, dry wall, and cement. Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones disappointed. Thankfully, admission was free.

The only picture I took of this so called ‘corn palace’. It’s not made entirely of corn.

It wasn’t (and still isn’t) too clear to me why it’s called Wall Drug, but it is some place in South Dakota, and there are signs for it everywhere as soon as you enter the state. Apparently ‘Wall’ is the town, and Drug… drug store? Something like that. It was a cute old-timey town with a pretty western feel. Not much to do there but peruse the shops and take pictures of their weird statues and taxidermied animals.

Wall Drug

Brandon is checking out his hand haha

Pretty decent collection they have here

Finally, we come to one of my favorite things that I got to do on this trip and that was feed the prairie dogs! I got to buy this little bag of peanuts for 50 cents and feed to my hearts galore. They make this high pitch kind of shriek that I got the pleasure of experiencing first hand as I was feeding one. Almost knocked me on my butt haha.

tee hee this one is maxin hardddd

Well it looks like this post was pretty hefty. I think what I will do is post entries per state as we reached them. So now that we’ve got South Dakota out of the way, on to Montana/Wyoming for Custer National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Teton Mountains!


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