Jackson hole

We are currently leaving Jackson, Wyoming. We were only here for the day and we simply fell in love. What a wonderful little place.

We want to eventually move out west, but it wasn’t honed in in a specific area. Now we have a destination, a dream to work towards.

Anytime you want to achieve a dream or a goal, you need to be specific about what it is. If it’s vague, you need to think about it more. The Universe can’t help you make your dreams come true if you aren’t 100% sure. Things can certainly change over time, but at each moment, you always need to be sure about what you really want.

We are one step closer!


2 responses to “Jackson hole

  1. If you’re ever so inclined, post some pics! We’ve been planning to go to Jackson Hole on our way up to family in Montana… I’m even more excited about this plan now! Look forward to watching your dream turn into reality πŸ™‚

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