Giving my gratitude

I wanted to tell everyone that visits my page that I am so very thankful. Whether you read what I say or not, I appreciate just knowing that you’ve stopped and checked me out.

I originally had set the plan to gain 20 subscribers in one month from my completion of Discover You Now, and though I still have a few weeks left to accomplish this, I’ve realized that even if I don’t, I’ve still accomplished many things.

I’m proud to say that I’ve:

  • increased my average page views from 2 to 7 per day with highs of 45 and views in different countries like Germany, Indonesia, and the Philippines!
  • kept up with my plan of commenting on a personal development/positivity blog at least once per day (originally it was 3 times a week, but I do it everyday)
  • the founder of Discover You Now/Think Simple Now aka my inspiration that changed my life in the realm of personal development, Tina Su, has subscribed to my blog and has given me personal feedback

It’s a lot to be happy about and extremely thankful for as a start up blogger!

I’m going on my honeymoon starting this friday at 5pm and will be gone for 3 weeks traveling all across the country.

In that time, I plan on posting pics and small posts about life on the road and where I am. Just because I am on ‘vacation’ doesn’t mean I want to completely ignore posting every week!

I’ve really enjoyed posting multiple times a week and I really just love writing on here. With this upcoming honeymoon, I’ve been extremely busy at my job making sure everything is covered in the time that I am gone and it’s really been taking a toll on me posting on here. But no matter what, I will always make sure to post once a week.

Like I said, I am so grateful that I’ve developed the small audience that I have and even those just passing by. It really makes me feel good inside knowing I am touching other lives out there even for a millisecond.

Operating @ Alpha and excitement!

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