What personality type are you?

One of my favorite publishers, Carol Tuttle (Chakra Healing), has released a new program called “Dressing Your Truth”.

This program is definitely targeted to women, but Carol has a free introductory course that helps you figure out which personality type you are, guy or girl.

This 6-day free course will teach you about:

  • The 4 different personality types
  • Each type’s natural element
  • What motion/ movement correlates with each type
  • Description words for each type
  • Doodles or drawings associated with each type
  • Each type’s yin yang breakdown
  • Examples in nature of each type
  • Facial features and body movements that represent each type
  • Plus each types own unique gifts and strengths

Seriously, wow, that’s a lot in a 6-day free course (the video’s are about 20 min). I currently am on day 5 , and I can already say that anyone can relate to these videos.

Carol illustrates the 4 types of personalities eloquently and in a manner that is easy to understand. After you learn about each one, you can see that each type is a part of us, but we lead our lives with one dominant type.

I’ve learned that I am a type 2 personality which is related to Oxygen/Water. This especially makes sense to me since I am a Pisces.

Some words to describe my type: fluid, flowing, soft, connected, relaxed, comfortable, elegant, blended.
Some doodles to express type 2: tear drops, ovals, and rectangles with rounded edges. — I never draw any of those things, but what I do draw all the time is a panda shaped like this:

Seems pretty oval-ly, curvy shaped! (they are called ‘tare pandas’ btw).

Then she goes into Yin and Yang are how they are a partnership of movements. Type 2’s end up being both Yin and Yin for representing soft, light movement, and being directed inward. [After watching, I’ve also figured Brandon is a type 3 and he ends up having Yang and Yang. Balance is awesome!]

I found it to almost be scary how on point it was! She also shows you pictures in nature to describe your type.
Some examples for type 2 were:

  • Weeping Willows, for the curved branches that move gently in a breeze.
  • Elephants because they have rounded edges all over, stay connected in groups, and are a symbol of wisdom.
  • Doves which are blended in soft in coloring, and universal symbol of peace.
  • Dusk because it’s the time of day when the sun is just beginning to set, realizing the day is over, time to relax.
  • Long winding rivers for their flow and movement.

In one of the later videos, she shows how our facial features can represent our types as well. I felt like she was looking directly at me when she was giving all the examples. She touched on my ‘almond shaped’ eyes, my skin texture being smooth and not aging quickly (I must also credit that to my asian genes!), oval shaped face, long S curves along my cheeks, plus many others.

My personal strengths as a type 2 are my attention to details and gathering information through asking questions to develop a plan. I keep my thoughts connected and like staying connected with my memories. I’m sensitive, deep, and heart-felt. I like connecting with other people as well as making them feel comfortable. I’m very aware and sensitive to my environments and the people I’m around and in relationships with. My first standard of measurement is comfort, whether it’s in clothing or situations, I gauge things off the level of comfort they provide.

I highly recommend that anyone not sure what their type is to check out this program. It really helps broaden your mind on the different types of people out there, as well as seeing these qualities within ourselves. I am blown away by how much I’ve learned from this short intro course so much that I had to write about it. There was just too much info to not write down somewhere!

The actual course is designed for women that aren’t sure how to accentuate their type and bring out the best looking them. Carol provides an online shop that is categorized by each type. This isn’t about her trying to make money from online purchases of clothes, but rather to show you the clothes that best accentuate you and your personality. Too many times are women deceived by how we should look by media and society. Clothes should be working for US, not us for THEM!

It was comforting seeing the things that I am being highlighted, rather than all the things I am not. PLEASE check it out and learn something new about yourself- or just give yourself a refresher!

Operating @ Alpha,

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