Linking new habits with Goal setting

If you want to eat healthy, and exercise regular, those my friend are not your goals. Those are habits that can drive us closer to our goals.

In this sense, your goal would be lose 20 pounds by eating healthy, or finish a 5k by exercising regularly. (Granted you might just want to exercise regularly anyway as a goal, but there is still an underlying goal there, maybe to feel better when you wake up, or have more energy.)

For me personally, I’ve adopted the new habit of posting a comment on some sort of positivity blog once everyday. This is my new habit to assist my goal of gaining more traffic.

What is that force that comes between us and actually accomplishing our goals?

An analogy: When I run for about a mile, my legs feel like they are about to burst and I’m tired as f*ck. But I know I need to push through the cramping and tightness and that stopping is not an option. After that, I can continue on for about another 2miles before needing to absolutely stop.

I know this isn’t the same for everybody, but what I am saying is that we need to push through the resistance we face early on.

This early-resistance is definitely the most difficult to overcome, however. Because the purpose of this resistance is to make sure we REALLY want this. If I stopped after the first mile, I would never have discovered that I could go double that, afterwards.

Today, I felt the need to post something, but I don’t really want to write anything.

I’ve been trying to figure out Google Analytics and WordPress plugins on my own, and it’s been rather difficult grasping all the information and putting it into action.

I’ve never used Analytics before and barely have any experience with coding, but to use Analytics, you need to copy and paste code somewhere (still figuring out where) to track everything. Sounds simple, but every time I think I’ve found the place to put it, it never works and shows up as a bunch of jibberish on my page.

Flash forward after my google inquiries to find there is a WordPress plugin for Analytics. It’s easy to download, but installing is a whole other story. This is where I am completely lost. From a lot of tutorials out there, there should be a plugin menu in my dashboard. Well for me there isn’t. I’ve bought my domain, so I believe I am registered with, which should allow me to add plugins. But it’s not there and I don’t know where to find it, how to fix it, or who to ask.

Needless to say all this has left me feeling frustrated and like I’ve been wasting time.

When the frustration sets in, I just want to close all windows and waste time elsewhere. I know this accomplishes nothing and so I begin to think to myself “if I don’t continue to try and figure this out, it will never get solved. It will be much harder for me to try and revisit this later than doing it now.”

I consider this to be resistance. How bad do I want to really make supplemental income from my blog? How much do I believe that I can make this happen?

Either way, past the frustration, I managed to still uphold to my habit of posting on a positivity blog and come on here to write about it all. It doesn’t sound hard, but after all this going in circles with html and code, etc., I wasn’t really feeling so positive myself. I was almost beginning to feel a little hopeless.

Regardless, here I am. Posting anyway, writing anyway.

When we have goals set in place, we cannot let the resistance stare us in the face and shatter our new habits we are trying to form. Even if the next step we take towards our goal is a small one or moving only an inch closer, it does not matter, because reaching our goals is about the quality of our work and dedication, not the quantity of time it took. Each small movement closer builds momentum and brings us closer than we were before. Not everything we say and do will be our best work all the time, but the focus of this is to always be moving and taking action forward.

An average amount of time of creating a new habit is roughly 2 weeks. If you can keep up with it for 2 weeks and stay focused on your goal, the rest will be smooth sailing. We have to recondition our minds to focus on the positive outcome rather then present negatives.

For example: don’t think about how not eating chocolate cake is going to suck, think about how rocking your bod will be by eating healthy. For me, I think about how happy I will be that I stuck with my blog and worked through the kinks, rather than looking back to this moment and being mad that I quit.

Think to yourself that you will experience more pain and dissatisfaction by NOT changing your habit- by not exercising regularly, by not committing 3 hours to writing your book, etc.

Always focus on what you want, and go get it.

Operating @ Alpha,

2 responses to “Linking new habits with Goal setting

  1. Great advice. We all have great potential that we ourselves may not fully realize. If you set goals that are just little more stretching than what you normally think you could reach, then you will grow much in will power and self-realization.

    If you’re interested in using an online tool to track habits and reach goals, you may want to check out a goal setting app called, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate.

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