I’m a married woman

It finally happened ๐Ÿ™‚ and I had a truly remarkable weekend.

We were engaged for a little over a year and a half. I decided to make it easier on Brandon’s memory and have our wedding date be on the same date as our 13-year-old-relationship anniversary date (the 13th), plus we got back together 3 years ago on July 13th.

It was a truly marvelous wedding. It went exactly how I imagined and planned. I gave the wedding a little under 2 months to get organized and set up. Because of this, I left no room for bridal showers, bachelor/ette parties, or wedding registries. Those things are nice and all, but I have found (from working many catering events) that those things are unnecessary for me and are a, for a lack of a better term, waste of money.

I consider myself to be a simple person, amused and happy with the little things.

All in all, we had a small wedding ceremony on the 13th in an outdoor gazebo. The weather was perfect. I emailed the Mayor of Jenkintown (ahead of time, of course) and requested if he could marry us, since we wanted a non religious ceremony. He was thrilled and an all around awesome dude. Attending, alongside of the best man and maid of honor, were parents from both sides, my other best friend, and my co-workers since I work in Jenkintown, about 2 minutes from the gazebo.

We went out to eat afterwards and had fun just eating good food in good company. It was nice seeing his parents and mine interacting and laughing.

On the 14th, we had a small reception for the extended family and friends. Brandon’s mother is anย Episcopalian minister, so we had her perform a small blessing at her church so that everyone else could bear witness to our marriage followed by a catered lunch downstairs. We didn’t hire a DJ or an expensive catering company. It was just enough space, entertainment, and surprisingly good food for 60 people.

Our other friends came and sat at our ‘head’ table with us, all laughing and having a good time. Brandon and I went around to every guest table (as you should), shmoozed, and thanked everyone for coming. Afterwards, all our friends helped clean up any remaining trash and folded up the tables and chairs. In minutes, everything was back to normal.

We left and rendevouz-ed at our friend Mike’s house for some more festivities. We went mini-golfing, which my best friend Karen compared it as ‘a group orgy- at first it seems like a good idea…’ haha. It was a very accurate analogy as after the first 10 holes, we basically stopped trying.

Then we went out to eat and had the best Korean Soft Tofu ever, at Jong Ka Jib and where homeward bound back to Mike’s for last minute antics of playing music in the basement. Such a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

The whole weekend we had Andy, Brandon’s best friend, and Karen stay with us, and every second was a great time. I’ve been in situations before where I wanted to leave a friend’s house for feeling bored after a few hours or wanted a friend to go home so I could have my time again, but this time it was different. I was genuinely sad to say farewell to the both of them. It was like the weekend was not long enough, though sooo much had happened. I loved having them be in every moment and in my existence. They are such great people.

I’ve always liked meeting new people and my current relationships, but never have I been around people that truly made me feel sad when they left (minus Brandon duh!).

I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. Though I didn’t have all the glitz and glam most weddings do, it was literally everything I wanted and more. I am truly blessed by amazing and loving people- family and friends.

I will be posting pics when my Dad sends them over to me. I want to put a picture to the experience for you guys, now that I’ve typed this ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling the love!

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