I’m getting married tomorrow ;D

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to announce to my readers that tomorrow is my wedding :D. I’m marrying the love of my life ^_^

A brief background:

We originally met when we were between ages 3-5. We attended the same Pre-Pre-K (Montessori) and my mom was his teacher. I really don’t remember too much of this, except I think I remember my mom yelling at him one day because he took another kid’s toy car and put it down a rolled up carpet haha.

Fast forward to when I was 13 and was meeting him for the first-second time, the day before his birthday and our official dating start date at a nearby bowling alley (11/13). I gave him 2 jumbo tootsie rolls as a gift :). We dated for a good year, and went our teen-adolescent ways.

Remained friends and a steady contact for about 8 years, until finally reuniting as a couple again, tomorrow (7/13) 3 years ago.

I like to sit back and think about how the Universe was bumping us into each other. How it was showing us that we were meant to be together.

While we were separated of course we experienced other relationships. Definite ups and downs and life lessons that were learned that I am still learning from and tweaking to this day. I know I am still young and still have a lot to learn, especially after marriage, but I am so excited to live it and experience it with Brandon.

People ask me how I know he’s the one and if I’m sure in marrying him. I tell them: I’ve been in plenty of other relationships to know that Brandon makes me feel like I’ve never felt before. He makes me come alive and believe in every impossibility, that anything can happen. I feel so amazing when I’m around him and generate so much excitement inside my body that I am just bursting- with joy, love, faith, encouragement- when I’m around him. I would say I really can’t explain it, but I guess I just did.

From my relationship with him, I’ve adopted new ways of thinking and dropping old habits and thought processes that were no longer serving me or the good of the relationship.

As anything that is special and great in life, there is huge risk involved- risk in getting hurt, being vulnerable, etc. I can honestly say that we had huge downs, that it made us both wonder at times if the other person was worth it. But for me, as these situations and ‘problems’ occurred between us, it lit a spark inside me that desired change so badly, I was going to do anything to get it. I knew in my heart that things did not have to be the way they were, and if anything, if this didn’t work out, I’m wasn’t going to let it be because of me. I was determined to make myself into the best person that I could be, so that if we didn’t stay together, it wasn’t because I didn’t try / was a shitty person. And thus began my journey in the life of meditation and personal development, but I’ll share that later.

I’ll certainly be posting pics 🙂

Operating @ Love,

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