How REAL are you?

There is a misconception about what being “realistic” is.

Mastin from @TheDailyLove illustrates it nicely in this equation: being negative = being realistic, and being optimistic = being unrealistic.

I’ve witnessed this first hand and feel like I get in this discussion pretty consistently with my fiancé. He constantly tells me he’s ‘not being negative, just realistic’. Well all that means to me, is that their sense of “realism” is negative.

Wikipedia defines realism as: “term that describes manifestations (of philosophical realism), the belief that reality exists independently of observers” (I know [from college] you can’t always trust Wiki as a trusted source, but really, who’s eff-ing around with the wiki entry on ‘realism’?)

Being realistic is based off your own perception. Me personally, I am a positive realist. I believe that there is something positive in every situation, whether we are able to see it now or sometime later in the future. Reality is going to exist regardless of how we see it; situations that occur leaving us scratching our head wondering ‘why is this happening?’.

I go into every situation, no matter what is happening, with focus on the best possible situation in mind or finding positive meaning behind it.

Recently in my life, a small hiccup happened. It actually has to do with Karma and an entry I want to write about how Karma steps in when you aren’t following your natural course of who you are, but that’s for another time.

Basically, my fiancé, Brandon, had to undergo a small surgery. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, however it occurred on the day of his physical exam for the fire dept. He was fortunate to reschedule the exam, but he only had 10 days to fully recover.

Of course I kept my head held high and told him ‘not to worry, you are special, dear. I know you will overcome this like you do with everything in life.’ I truly believe that he is special, and that if something like a zombie outbreak happened, or I am Legend, he would be Will Smith immune to what is going on and his blood would be the antidote or some shit.

Naturally (for him), he responded with his ‘wellll, I guess we’ll see. I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just being realistic’ with that doubtful undertone.

However, I pointed out to him that we are lucky that this situation happened now, instead of when we go hiking in the Grand Canyon later this year.

Ahh yes, good point.

I had also gotten stung by a bee for the first time in my life, IN MY FREAKING EYE. My positive turn? At least now I know that I am not allergic to them! Similar to Brandon’s situation, at least now we know before we go hiking and are miles away from help. Plus, it makes me feel ready for just about anything at this point and reminds me that in a blink of an eye (small pun) anything can happen.

What I don’t understand is why focus on the worst case scenario? Why not just focus on the best case and if the worst case happens, just take care of it then? Why worry ourselves into a hole when nothing has happened yet?

I can’t stress enough how much we need to have faith in the Universe. We are spiritual beings born of the natural energy of the Universe having a human experience. The Universe is not out to get us. It wants only the best for us because we are it! But if we focus on the negative, the Universe will interpret that as being what we want because we constantly think about it.

“That which we resist, persists.”

So my question to you: in any situation, if you can see the best case and the worst case, why not just hope for the best, and deal with the worst if it so happens? If you are pessimistic and think the worst case is going to happen anyway, then why not just focus on the best case? What’s the worst in hoping it turns out in your favor -the fact that it might not happen? I think you should just leave that up to the Universe. You might be surprised.

Be like a publicist or someone in public relations. Their jobs are to turn stories whether they are in favor of the subject or not. Flip your situation and find the positive.

“Spirit beckons us, whispers to us to grow. And our fear says stop. That is the quandary of life. And when we move forward, things don’t always go the way that we want them to. So the question is, ‘what are you looking for?’ ” – Mastin Kipp

If there is something happening in your life that you do not like, ask yourself “If this is happening for me, why?”

Operating @ Alpha,

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