Discover You Now Review final


It’s finished!

And I must say, the end of the program snuck up on me. When I thought I still had about 20 pages left, I realized those left over pages were references. I got a little sad seeing that the journey with @TinaSu, was coming to an end.

However, this is really where I get to see how much I learned and put it to good use. I’ve already been following my milestones and not missing a beat. I actually even got a new subscriber that day, PLUS a personal message from Tina, herself, regarding my review that I submitted through Discover You Now.

Here is a snippet of her email to me:

Hi Brittany, just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for leaving a feedback for Discover You Now. Reading your feedback made me get all teary eyed. Thank you for making my day with it.

I’m so happy and honored that the worksheets and steps were helpful to you. šŸ™‚

That ended up making MY day! She then let me know that she went to my site and checked it out and even ‘liked’ my facebook page. Yay! That definitely is an accomplishment. It’s also cool just seeing that me doing this review of someone else’s hard work showed them that their work was not in vain. I am happy that she appreciated the review I had sent her enough to let me know šŸ™‚

So from here on out, I will use the techniques that Tina has taught me, plus follow my game plan to see my goals come to completion.

I wrote on a sticky the things that I definitely want to incorporate into my everyday:

  • my 90 year old self in the rocking chair
  • talking to my inner child when I feel fear
  • remembering who I am and what I am made of + my core mission in life
  • setting milestones and mini goals to bring me closer to accomplishing bigger ones

I encourage anyone that is seeking more life fulfillment to check out her program. It really helped me focus and hone in on exactly what is important to me. Before this, I was extremely stuck and had no idea what my life purpose was. But now that I know what my deepest core purpose is, I can put that passion in just about any area of life that interests me. I do not have to be tied down with just one passion, one mission. I know that I can do anything that my heart truly believes in, and now that I know exactly what is fueling me (my core purpose), I know I will succeed in anything.

Operating @ Alpha,

3 responses to “Discover You Now Review final

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  2. this sound like an elaborate version of the blog post… how has it continue to help u in your daily life? cheers

  3. Hi Maryann! I was actually in the process of writing a post about how it has helped me since I’ve completed it (be on the look for it later this week). To sum it up: if you read my goals in the first review, you would know that I was trying to achieve 20 subscribers in 2 months. Well needless to say, I did just that :). I followed her advice on how to reach this goal and I am proud to say that it worked for me. Also at the end of this post, I said that DYN helped me realize what my deepest core value was, and that I can put passion into any part of my life, and let me tell you that it is true. I have found a new love and purpose within my current job situation and know that when this road ends I know how to strive for and achieve my ultimate passion: personal development! Thank you so much for reading and your comment :D!

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