Discover You Now Review part 2: Action Time.

I am in the part of the program now that is teaching me how to achieve my goals.

The goal I am setting up for myself is:

  • acquire 20 subscribers in 2 months

The next step is to set realistic milestones to help achieve the main goal.

My Milestones:

  • post actively on positivity blogs 3 times/ week
  • increase ‘ready-and-waiting’ posts on other programs I’ve done
  • feature content from other blogs to provide back linking

The way that I am going to achieve this goal and these milestones is to show up. I have to be here and really focus on doing this, otherwise, nothing will get achieved. You have to show up to prove [to the universe] you really want this.

Mastin at @The Daily Love spoke to this the other day and said:

I’m learning that it REALLY is about showing up. Not sometimes. Not when I feel like it. Not when it’s nice out. But every day.

And when I think back about the success of TDL, it happened because I wrote every day. Not some days, not when I just felt inspired, but every day.

And what I’m seeing is that in the areas of my life that aren’t thriving, it’s just that I’m not doing them every day. I already have the skill in one area of my life, so all it takes is transferring that skill to another area of life.

And boy, the blocks come. I’ve decided on a new workout maxim, “The best time to workout is RIGHT WHEN you don’t want to.” That maxim is going to help me break through the resistance. 

The things that we want are on the OTHER SIDE of showing up for them. And there will ALWAYS be resistance. Expansion always requires stepping outside our comfort zones and that brings up fear and in that fear and in that brattiness lay our doom or our salvation.

This is what I am going through right now.

It’s scary to set a goal (20 subscribers in 2 months) when you can’t see the outcome. What if you fail? What if you don’t meet it like you said you would?

Either way, we can’t let those concerns stand in the way of actually achieving that goal. Even if I don’t get the 20 subscribers, I’d rather know that I tried and didn’t succeed, than know that I stood in the way of my success by not trying at all.

Operating @ Alpha,

4 responses to “Discover You Now Review part 2: Action Time.

  1. I think it is great to set goals and I believe you can achieve them! This is almost my second month of blogging and I made goals (and met them) both months. With July right around the corner I need to think what the next step is. Think in small manageable goals like you have and you should see results. Good luck to you! Count me as a follower! I look forward to seeing your reach your goals!

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