Dog wearing a tie

Looks like I dropped the ball on posting every thursday.

Yesterday, instead of blogging, I was on a first date with Colin Farrell.

Well, not me per-se, but his first date in his upcoming movie ‘Dead Man Down’. I was called on tuesday to be an extra during his first date with actress Noomi Rapace at this chinese restaurant, and needless to say it was awesome.

There was a lot of downtime of sitting around and waiting to get called on set, but regardless, I always enjoy myself doing these types of things. It’s such a cool environment, and both actors were very pleasant and friendly.

This whole past week was beautiful for me.

I got to see my 2 best friends, that I have not seen in what seems like years, in 2 days- one after another. It was just awesome reconnecting and talking like we haven’t missed a beat. I really love and cherish those types friendships where neither party is ‘committed’ in any sense to continually follow-up. You just go with the flow 🙂

On top of all that, I got to take in and be the best crowd maneuverer walking 50 blocks in NYC, get casted to be background work without submitting my picture/applying, and getting to meet new awesome people.

This is what I call Grace. The beautiful happenings of life that just happen. Sometimes they are little blessings such as my situation, and sometimes they are shitty situations that you think suck at the moment, but really just need time to fully develop in to something beautiful (like break-ups).

It’s all about how you interpret and look at life. I fully believe that life doesn’t present you with something you can’t handle. It’s all about how strong we are as humans.

Here is what I got stuck wearing being an extra (it was to cover my half sleeve):

So fobby.

I promise to have a more insightful post next week!



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