Why Life Fulfillment is more important than ANYTHING

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”
― Nicholas Sparks

We are all here with one life to live. We have to make it meaningful!

Why do so many people let their lives go to waste doing things that do not fulfill them? Or do things that they love, but get no return?

There is a middle ground here people, we just need to find it.

Yes, I know- that is the hardest part: finding what fulfills us and then find a way to make money from it. But with small goals comes small gain. It has to be understood that if we want the life we dream of, we need to search high and low for what drives our passion, what makes us feel alive and be willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

For some of us, that’s a little easier than others. Like, if you know you love baseball and have been playing since you were 5, or taking ballet classes since you were 6. But if you’re like me, and quit cheerleading when you were 5, and quit basketball at 11, (because you were no longer the tallest and they gave your position to someone else- I was 5’2″ then and still am now) then finding your passion now might be a bit more challenging.

I am beginning to believe that for those who can’t find a direct passion in something like sports, dance, art etc., at whatever point they are in life (in my case 24 and counting) then maybe we just haven’t found our passion yet.

Maybe our passion for now is just to continue finding and creating who we are. Maybe somewhere down the line we will find something that will really sky rocket us, but until then, if we just continue being who we are and having new experiences, then we are at least on the loading dock.

But it isn’t just me. Everyone is meant to do great things. We were all born with an equal opportunity to have a life of our dreams (that might be in the constitution or some shit, but it’s totally right), but a lot of us get lost on the way there with fears about finances and things of that nature that we get roped into this thought that having a job (not career) will provide us with financial stability. This isn’t true and the economy at this current time is proof of that.

We need to take control of the reigns of our own financial stability so that it isn’t in the hands of someone else or something that we have absolutely no control over.

“But Brittany, what about the people who have done that but work a lot now because they are a small business owner?” Well Jimmy, that’s a whole other ball game that we will get to.

Like I said, this blog is going to allow me to share with the world my journey from going from the regular 9-5 to finding my passion and having the life of my dreams. It’s been done before and I know I can do it too.

So my question to you: would you be able to push yourself hard enough to break through procrastination, laziness, and fear (of failing, criticism, success- yes, this fear totally exists) to have the life of your dreams Knowing the universe has your back?


Operating @ Alpha,

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