Finding your Life’s Purpose

Finding my life’s purpose is my top priority right now, however it is the topic I am struggling with the most.

I’ve been keeping an open mind to just about everything in hopes that it could turn into my life’s passion (online affiliate marketing, EFT, Life Coaching, jobs with animals and nature, etc!) I like to think about Thomas Edison’s quote:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

And that’s basically how I feel right now. I have not failed in finding my life’s purpose or being successful, I’ve just been eliminating the things that won’t work.

On Tuesdays, Marie Forleo posts videos with tips for having a better business and life advice (that works!). This week she posted an interview that she had with Mastin Kipp on “How to Live Your Life’s Purpose Even When it Seems Totally Crazy“.

It goes into how Mastin became an online sensation with his site “The Daily Love“. He starts at the beginning how his whole life was reduced to almost nothing in one week and that this phenomena could only be the Universe’s doing. It is so inspiring to hear about people who became online sensations who literally started from nothing and found their passion. (Marie also has videos where she shares her story– also truly inspiring!)

Mastin went from living in his ex-gf’s mom’s pool house (an 8×8 square with barely enough room for him to fit in) to being featured on Oprah. I kind of feel like that’s where I am. Not in a pool house per se, but I am living in my fiancee’s sister’s basement trying to figure out what it is I am meant to do.

Mastin had this unexplainable desire to send out his newsletter (Daily Love) with inspiring quotes and would do so no matter what the case (even if it meant sitting in his car to “borrow” wifi from his neighbors).

I found the video to hold a lot of insight and great advice, as well as being SO inspiring to hear another person’s story of struggle turn into something more beautiful than they could of imagined. Check out the video below:

Did you find this as inspiring as I did? Did it generate any feelings inside you? Tell me!

Operating @ Alpha,

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