How I connected + my blog’s biggest flaw

This past weekend allowed me to see a rather huge flaw in my blog.

As mentioned in the post yesterday, I have not posted one single thing on Meditating (minus yesterday’s post of course haha). For goodness sake, it’s the name of the blog!

I’ve decided here on out that I will still talk about my journey to achieving the life of my dreams [whether it’s through an online business or some other independent venture] but the main focus of the blog now will be:

  • share my favorite meditation techniques that worked best for me and how you can use them too
  • evaluate and provide personal reviews of some of the best personal growth programs
  • provide tips and tricks that I’ve found that bring me back to the meditative state when things get rough

There is an in-depth story that I plan on sharing with everyone one day about how I stumbled upon the world of meditating, but for now, I will unleash the program that completely cracked open, scrambled, and served my mind on a platter with a side of “whoa”…

[Drum roll]

The Silva Life System!

Described as “one of the most transformative, scientifically proven & time tested self-empowerment programs in the world. It brings you a unique combination of Alpha and Theta level exercises, creative visualizations, habit control and positive programming methods. Since 1966, the Silva Method has helped 6 million people in 110 countries to spark profound and lasting positive change in their careers, finances, health, emotional wellbeing and relationships.”

I guess I can say that I am part of those 6 million people.

Now, it was my first time ever reading or looking into any of this, so I had no idea how this was going to help my situation. But regardless, I knew I had to believe in it. I had to change, desperately. I was willing to do anything to change old habits and ways of thinking that I thought I would never be able to break free from. The Silva Life System testified that it would be able to do just that and ten-fold.

So I decided to, at the very least, check it out and sign up to their newsletter. I was at the bottom of the barrel, so I only had room to gain.

After signing up, I was sent a free guided meditation mp3 within no time, that worked instantly for me.*

The “guided” part is what really sold me in the end. I had no idea where to begin on meditating. So knowing that I was going to be able to just sit there and listen to directions that would teach me how to meditate, I was so down.

And it did just that. It really transformed my life completely so much that it will never be the same.

What was also really easy about The Silva Life System was their awesome triple money back guarantee. They basically will let you try the ENTIRE program for 90 days, and if you aren’t satisfied, they will happily refund you your money, no questions asked. You really can’t beat that. They are that confident that anyone can use their program and reap the benefits.

So even if you are skeptical, you can at least give it a shot knowing you can just as easily get your money back.**

I want to share with everyone and spread the word that if you are dealing with something you feel like you just can’t take anymore and feel there isn’t a way out, there is- and it’s through meditating. (It can get MUCH deeper than this, but meditating is where it all begins..)

Change and transformation can happen at any time, you just have to let it.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question. I’d be happy to share my experiences and do the best I can to answer anything!

Operating @ Alpha,


*Disclaimer: Meditation will work for you if you want it to. You cannot go into this lifestyle and way of thinking with an attitude of “Show me. Prove to me that it works.” 

This attitude is no bueno and will in fact bring you zero results. You have to want it to make a difference and an impact and be open to change.

**I just have to remind everyone that I said I would be promoting things on my blog. But the things I am promoting are things I full heartedly believe in. Nothing that I will post will be things to make a quick buck.

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