Getting rid of clutter

We’ve begun packing up our apartment (2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3 walk in closets- which isn’t nearly as glamourous as it sounds- but that’s a whole other story ), which has turned out to be not as much as we thought.

This is kind of like our 3rd move together, so by this time now, we’ve whittled away at the non-necessities. The only things I’m keen on keeping now are things to continue my personal inner growth and my entrepreneur endeavors.

I’ve have many self development programs, books on success, personal growth, and creativity, as well as magazines on travel destinations, keeping life simple, and business/money.

I find the best way when going through old stuff is to realize that if you never came across this item, would you have missed it? Usually when I see things that I haven’t seen in a while, that tiny voice does pop in my head trying to convince me to keep whatever it is. But, do I really need it? Is it serving me? When am I really going to use this again?

Society has this misconception that having a lot of belongings gives you some sort of social status (this does not include hoarders). However this sort of consumerism drags us down and makes us feel like we have some sort of security and well-being. I learned some good words of wisdom from Cat Li Stevenson (Think Simple Now): well-being and well-having are not synonymous.

Your well-being comes from within, no amount of material items can ever amount to that.

I threw away a lot of things which allowed me to really see the value in the things that I’ve kept with me until now. I now have a single 11×13 envelope with pictures, meaningful cards, and tiny mementos. I felt for a while I really didn’t have much of an identity and that I was always living in someone else’s shadow, but after seeing the tiny compilation of things that mattered enough to me that I’ve kept them for so long, I felt like something unlocked inside me, a new door opened, a chapter ending with one beginning..

Seeing these things really made me feel more connected with my self discovery and made me realize that despite as lost as I feel with who I am , I am on the right track.

If you are ever in a position where you feel lost, whether it’s on life, your relationships, whatever, take a look back on the things that you’ve kept with you up until now. Think about the reasons why you kept them and the feelings they generate inside you. Those feelings and reasons are a part of who you are. Granted, later in life you might throw them away, but that’s neither here nor there.

What things have you kept?

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be – Lao Tzu

Operating @ Alpha,

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