The best way to start a blog, is to just start blogging.

Here it is. My first official blog for myself that I get to share with you.

I plan for it mainly to be about enlightenment, meditation, and awesome ways for you to become who you truly want to be. … that kind of sounded mushy. Well, regardless, I meant it- and this blog will get a little like that from time to time, but I will also stay real, so there won’t always be a language filter (it might get silly sometimes).

But I won’t just limit this blog to one thing. As I have learned from Marie Forleo, it is possible to be multi-passionate. So in addition to meditating stuff, I will also have content on here about relationships, being in nature / outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, ferrets, whatever I feel like really. I not only want to write about my experiences, but I also want share my life 🙂

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